Islamic Vision to Make a Better World

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New Paradigm of National Development

Islamic Vision to Make a Better World

ISBN 978-979-18188-0-3

Penerbit: PT RajaGrafindo Persada, Jakarta, tahun 2008

The gap between the developed and developing nations in economic status is getting wider, not closer. The free economics competition between nations is usually won by stronger, i.e. developed countries. The natural resources in developing worlds are getting less and less due to the extraction by the stronger. In addition, the pollution is getting heavier in the developing countries that affect greater sufferings to the poor. The world is becoming harder to live for the majority of people.

All of these injustices must be solved effectively. The root of the problem is certainly laid upon the philosophical aspect of development, not upon the selection of economic methods, whether capitalism, communism, or socialism. So that the answers should be from this dimension too, looking at the social guidance from the Creator of The Universe and Human, Allah SWT. Islam has abundance of such social principles.

Daftar Isi (Content):



Part I The Basic Principles

Chapter I


I. Islamic Concept on Natural Phenomena (Concept of Sunatullah and Science)

II. Islamic Teaching for Mankind (Concepts of Dienullah and Human Fate)

III. Science and Al-Quran

Chapter II

Islamic View on Development Paradigm

I. Basic Understanding of National Development

II. Islamic Teachings for Development

III. Alternative Development Paradigm

Chapter III

Islamic Model of Natonal Self-Propelling Growth

I. Nature of Economic Development and Poverty

II. Human Resource and Environmental Quality As Determinant for Economic Growth

III. Synchronizing Economic Model adn Social Dynamic Model for Self-Propelling Growth

IV. Islamic Economic Principles in National Development

Chapter IV

Women Position in a National Development

I. Man and Women in The Global Ecosystem

II. Women Position in A National Development Process

III. Approaches to Make Mand and Women Harmony

Chapter V

The Significat of Environment in Human Life

I. Scientific Signs of Al-Quran and Sunnah on Environment Significance of Human Life

II. The Status of Environment in A Sustainable Development

III. Significance of Water Resources for Development (Indonesian Case)

Chapter VI

The Significance of Education in Human Life

I. Challange in National Education Determinant of The Succes

II. Determinant of The Succes in Education Process

III. New Education Paradigm for National Interest

Chapter VII

Public Health Challenges in National Development

I. Health Status in Rich and Poor Nation

II. Concepts and Determinants of Public Health Challenges

III. Environmental Medicine and Trend of Environmental Health Problems

IV. Approaches to Environmental Related Disease

V. Approaches to Environmental Related Public Health Emergency

Part II The Challenge of National Development

Chapter VIII

War as A Threat to Development

(A case of Middle East Long Term Conflict)

I. Analysis of Recent Middle East Conflicts

II. The Prospects of Middle East Conflict

III. Islamic Solution of The Middle East Conflict

Chapter IX

Terrorism as a Threat to National Development

(Excessive Case of an International Interest)

I. Historical Background of Terrrorism

II. The Definition and Scope of Terrorism

III. International Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism Campaign

IV. Indonesian Case of Terrorism


Attachment 1: The Overall Dimension of Man

Attachment 2: National Development Model Structure

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