Strategy to Deactivate Huntington Thesis on Clash of Civilization between Moslems and Western Society, RATIONAL ACTIONS TO BE IMPLEMENTED TO MAKE A PEACEFUL WORLD

8 November 2010 at 10:45 1 comment

It is factual that a lot of international crisis is caused by conflict between Moslems (in particular from Middle East) and Non-Moslem people (in particular from Western Countries). Thousands of deaths and millions of human sufferings has been happening caused by such crisis. Countries mainly suffered directly within the crisis are Palestinian, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Israel, and Iran. US Government policy has certainly been playing major roles toward either the conflicts subdued or worsened with more serious impact on world peace in coming future.

Close to President Obama visit to Indonesia, a Moslem Country, I have been inspired to write on such a subject with hope to be beneficial in reducing the global conflicts in near future, focusing on measures necessary to be considered and materialized by US Government lead by President Obama.

The followings are the idea, based on my understanding of Western values (as I have been there during my Ph.D. study) and Islamic values (as I am a Moslem growing in Moslem society).

  1. Nobody honestly opposes that Islamic religion contains teachings on human civilization that differ significantly from what Western society believe. Besides way of rituals and some personal ethics, various social and political way of life is also quite specific in Islam. Take for example: Islamic teachings are against bank interest, adultery, gambling, prostitution, wine, porn, non-obedience Moslem as national leaders. Therefore it will be impossible to solve such wide differences by neglecting their existence and just believe on beautiful but bias political jargons such as ‘tolerance’ or ‘pluralism’. Moslems as well as Western People are quite rational when they want to live individually and socially with values what they have believed. Therefore the only solution will be to let them live with what they believe without intervention one to the other. In other words, let people in Moslem countries elect their own leaders and creating their own government policies. The US Government and its allies must not intervene to Moslem countries in conducting their national policies and vice versa.
  2. Various moves categorized as humiliation one to the other, particularly related to religious believes, must be controlled firmly by Government. Recently, there are two significant moves that have to be included, namely:
    1. Rejection of Moslems from various Moslem countries to immigrate to Western countries (by economic or political reasons). Such a political move is not rational at all and must be stopped because it is certainly against humanity and concept of multiculturalism and pluralism adopted by Western community themselves. Furthermore, the attitude of discrimination and intimidation toward them by people and Western politicians hurts most Moslem society in the world. Therefore those kinds of behaviors must be controlled by Western governments.
    2. Actions humiliating Qur’anic verses and Prophet Muhammad by people in Western community must also be stopped through Western Governments policies and actions. Principles of Freedom of Expression likely adopted by Western society must not include for such area of human sacred believes.
  3. Trust between Governments of Western and Moslem Countries must be created in the area of seeking new ways/technologies toward people prosperity in peace by both sides, including in the area of nuclear science. Distrust feelings must be controlled through fair and objective auditing method agreeable by both sides in equal standing position.
  4. Final solution for Palestinian dispute proposed by President Obama, i.e. concept of two nations, and agreement of moratorium of development of Jewish settlement in occupied area of Palestinian must be pushed for materialization. Strong sanctions, e.g. stopping economic, military, and political supports, must be forwarded firmly by US Government to Israel that neglect such rational and fair idea.

Those four strategic actions may only be able to be materialized significantly by US Government and its Western Government allies. Those political actions are feasible, fair, and in accordance with Human Rights and International Ethics. I believe such strategic actions, NOT BEAUTIFUL AND BIAS POLITICAL JARGONS, will reduce conflicts between Moslems and Western Society significantly, and promotes peaceful world.

Indonesia, 8th November, 2010

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  • 1. abdul Karim  |  14 November 2010 at 11:00

    My comment is
    “walan tardaa ‘anka alyahuudu walaa alnnashaaraa hattaa tattabi’a millatahum qul inna hudaa allaahi huwa alhudaa wala-ini ittaba’ta ahwaa-ahum ba’da alladzii jaa-aka mina al’ilmi maa laka mina allaahi min waliyyin walaa nashiirin”.(AQ 2:120)

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