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Stephen Hawking is a famous scientist, specifically a cosmologist, who is identified as in disbelieve on the existence of Creator/God. In his book entitled  “A Brief History of Time” he stated a lot of phrases leading to such a disbelieve. His basic objective of life is to find a single mathematical formula that explaining the complexity of universe, the only empirical universe. So far no body has been successful to construct such a formula. Instead, more and more complex findings about universe need to be explained rationally. Should he be in over-expectation or even erroneous in thinking?

Man has limited capability, limited sound frequency to hear, limited light spectrum to see, limited weight to carry, limited brain to analyze, etc. Beyond his capability man has to give up, leave it to instrument. Unfortunately, man has also limited capability to make instruments to search things beyond his limited capacity. Again, man has to give up, till the end of his existence. This is the nature of human being. Do we understand and realize such a nature of mankind? If we do, we have still another way to find out solution of our complex and more complex problems of life, i.e. faith or believe. What then we believe on? The existence of “unobservable being by any empirical means”, may be called as a non-empirical world. Is there a rational in relation to the understanding of complexity of our existence by such a believe or faith? How?

The basic rational laid upon that the complexity of universe must be designed by a Creator, not randomly exist. The Creator of universe must be non-empirical, very powerful, with unimaginable power. He created universe by a process, starting with a bulge of energy photon (uncountable), known by our understanding as a big bang phenomenon. A part (smaller one) of such a huge energy is rolling to become an empirical word, in terms of  heat, neutrino, quark, electron, proton, neutron, atom, material, stars, planets, moons, cells, organisms, and finally human beings. Today, the empirical world  has been identified having trillion, trillion, trillion,….km in diameter. This is the empirical universe that has been growing extending from a point of big bang into something we still have to observe further by recent scientist and next generation scientist. Is there a limit of grow extending? It certainly is, the process of growth depends on the size of big bang energy left after some of the energy has become galaxies. How much, no one knows (yet).

The other part of big bang energy (bigger proportion) grew becoming another universe, i.e. the non-empirical one. This kind of universe will never be able to observe empirically by human efforts. We only know such a non-empirical world by transcendent information from Creator to His Prophet (another thing to believe).  Inside non-empirical universe there are devil, angel, hell, heaven, etc, and also soul/spirit that later on become a part of human being (non-empirical part of human being). When the empirical universe vanishes by any means, the photon energy will easily be transformed into the non-empirical universe, following the 1st Thermo Dynamic Law by Newton. It is what we may usually call as condition of ever-after and eternity (information through transcendental path). With such a paradigm no one will ever be confused, and no one will lose his hope during life and after death. This model of understanding of life will certainly differ from those who consider that only one universe exist, i.e. empirical one, and everything will be close unexplainable after the end of it. The extinction of such a huge energy is certainly against the Law of Thermo Dynamic. Understanding of no Creator/God and unavailability of non-empirical universe will make life frustrating in finding out a single mathematical formula to explain the existence and ending of universe. Such an understanding must be erroneous.

The critical point of a believe or faith that there is an existence of Creator/God and availability of non-empirical world laid upon who is the Prophet who got transcendental information from Creator about the secret of the universe and correct way of life to follow that will make life fruitful and successful. Wrong identification of Creator and Prophet will lead to  misleading information on what the correct concept of universe and way of life.

Indonesia, end of July 2015

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