PREFACE on Qur’an-Science Lecturing III (Basic)

17 January 2017 at 13:45 Leave a comment

At Al Falah Mosque Surabaya, 17 January 2017

  1. QS Awareness: life is not a speculation
  2. Life must be Guided correctly: Inspired-> motivated

->filled /substansiated with

Correct Principles (Righteousness)

  1. QS is sources of Correct Principles of Life
  2. Strategic Notes on the True meanings of QS
  3. Q is transendental, vs S is acquired
  4. Q is information direct from Creator, vs

S is invention of Sunnatullah by Man/Human

  1. Q contains information provided during the

limited  lifetime of Prophets, vs Sains continuously

provides information over the period of

man lifetime / human civilization

  1. Q is eternal & universal guidance, vs S is relatively temporal & spatial
  2. Q is top human reference, vs S must be

subjected to Q interpretation

  1. S is useful for elaborating Q verses, vs Q is

correcting S erroneous findings

  1. Q guides for S activities & application
  2. S findings is to confirm Q axioms/ postulates
  3. QSL induces Sense of Affections on to Q & S
  4. Recite Q verses, by heart & meaningful
  5. Review / updating Sci articles
  6. QSL highlights Strategic Q messages (Tauhid-Ritual-Moral-Politic)
  7. Contents analysis of reference books of: “Ayat2

Semesta”  & “Ayat2 Tauhid” (advantage & limitation)

  1. Closing Notes:
  2. Q w out S is limb; S w out Q is blind
  3. Q w out P is stagnation; P w out Q is destruction
  4. La izzata illa bil Islam

La islaama illa bil Syariah wal ‘Ilma

La syariata w ‘ilma  illa bil Quwwah

w Siyasah


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